Monday, April 11, 2016

Whipped shea butter and olive oil skin cream

Lately I've been making my own skincare products because:

a) it's better for me (no unnecessary preservatives and stabilizers)
b) it's much cheaper
and c) it's completely customizable.

My kids have eczema and I have contact dermatitis (read: super itchy, dry, splitting skin) on my hands and I found shea butter and olive oil-based creams to be very helpful. So helpful in fact, that the eczema patches on baby have mostly disappeared. Which gave me the idea to combine the two.

200g shea butter
50g coconut oil
50~75g extra virgin olive oil
several drops of essential oil (grapefruit this time)

Put everything in a clean bowl and whip it up with a hand mixer. Pack into cute little mason jars and you're done!

Since I used grapefruit oil this batch smells like lemon olive oil cake. Yum!
You can use less coconut or olive oil if you live in a warmer climate.

My next project is to make my own rosewater, for facial toner. Will definitely add a few tablespoons of it to my next batch of skin cream.

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